School Bus Transportation
    Director: Geraldine Morris 
    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to provide the safest and most economical transportation to the students of McCormick County School. Drivers are thoroughly trained and attend mandatory in-service for safety and current procedures. Each regular and substitute driver must have a valid CDL license with required endorsements and pass a random drug test. 
    Parent/Guardian Responsibility

    Parents and guardians will be responsible for ensuring their child/children, follow all rules and guidelines outlined by the district policy, the bus driver and/or administrator. If a student violates the school bus policy, the parent will provide transportation for their child/children. Students will be picked up and dropped off at their designated stop. Exceptions will require a written request from the parent to the bus supervisor for approval and presentation by the student to the bus driver. In or other special circumstances, the parent's phone call to the principal and subsequent written approval from the bus supervisor to the bus driver will be acceptable.
    Transporting of School Related/Non-related items

    No animals or any items that may be deemed objectionable in nature will be transported on any bus. If necessary the bus driver may confiscate these items and turn them into the school administrator. Any item that may be considered a weapon (per SC. Law) or dangerous to others in any way will not be allowed on the bus. (This may include sports equipment, laser pointers, toys, etc.) Band instruments that will be allowed on the bus are those that are small enough to be held in the student's lap. Instruments may not be in the aisle or take the space of a student if that space is needed to sit down. Damage to personal items is not covered by the school bus insurance coverage. The school bus ride is an extension of the school day and as such, is subject to all school policies and procedures. Bus Conduct Reports will be recorded in accordance with all other school record keeping procedures.
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