• High School Graduation Requirements
    McCormick High School's graduation will be held June 5, 2015 at 6 p.m. in the McCormick High School gymnasium.  Attendees must have a ticket to enter.  Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. 
    Graduation Exercises
    Students must meet all requirements for the South Carolina High School Diploma, or a Special Education Certificate in order to participate in graduation exercises. A student may participate in graduation exercises only once. Any student enrolled in the district alternative school program will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises. 
    Criteria for Marching
    Only students who have fulfilled all requirements for a state diploma or students who are eligible for a certificate through the district's special services program will be eligible to march.

    Graduation Requirements
    In order to graduate from high school, a student must successfully complete 24 units of credit. The state of South Carolina requires all students to complete certain courses.
    The 24 units include the following:
    Language Arts
    4 Units
    U.S. History
    1 Unit
    1/2 Unit
    1/2 Unit
    Other Social Studies
    1 Unit
    4 Units
    Natural Science
    3 Units
    Computer Sciene
    1 Unit including Keyboarding
    Physical Education or ROTC
    1 Unit
    7 Units
    Foreign Language or Occupational Education
    1 Unit
    For students in a college preparatory track, as defined by the state board, one additional unit must be earned in a foreign language; and for students in a track designed to enter the work force, as defined by the state board, one additional vocational unit must be earned.

    Students who otherwise meet the requirements for a state high school diploma must demonstrate proficiency in keyboarding and computer literacy as a condition for the receipt of a high school diploma.

    At least one time during the four years of grades 9-12, each student will receive a program of instruction in comprehensive health to include the specified curriculum and minutes of instruction as outlined in the Comprehensive Health Education Act of 1988 (CHE).

    High School Credit for College Work
    Students in grades 9-12 and/or adult education programs can earn credits for college course work that can be applied to the units required for a state high school diploma. The following conditions must apply:

    Courses may be offered through distance learning and cooperative agreements with higher education.
    Only courses applicable to baccalaureate degrees or to associate in arts or associate in science degrees offered by institutions in the state, which are accredited to the Commission on Colleges or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, may be accepted for Carnegie units of credit.

    Tuition and other college course fees will be at the expense of the individual student or his/her parent.